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in your smartphone!

i-bee smart apiary

Control the status of each hive, save all operations, receive alarm notifications.


i-bee system

Allows you to control the status of the apiary from all over the world:

Receiving real time data using Internet or GSM
Status of each hive - temperature and humidity, weight, spectrum of sound and opening of the hive cover
Detailed beekeeper`s diary with reminders and fixing personnel actions and problems
At least 2 years autonomous operation on the built-in battery
Easy own installation on any type of hive
HUB base station operates in radius from 500 to 1500 meters depending on the relief

Hives status information

With the help of equipment of the i-bee system, you can receive information on the following indicators:

  • Temperature and humidity in the hive - for tracking the comfortable stay of bees in the hive at different seasons. Track critical 澳洲幸运5 and humidity changes for intime reaction and reduce the risks bees' diseases and death

  • Sound spectrum - allows you to track the behavior, mood and state of your bees. 澳洲幸运5 on the sound level in the hive, you can make decisions about the intervention into the bees life

  • Hive weight - for fixing the successful honey gathering in the hive and to prevent unauthorized eating honey by bees with the fast reaction. Also allows you to analyze and 一分钟全国统一开奖直播 of the growth of honey depending on the season and location of the hive in different seasons

  • An accurate count of the number of bees, how many came out and entered the hive during certain periods of time. Also, 澳洲幸运5 on the average and peak load of the aisles by bees is collected and transmitted to the system.

  • Motion sensor - helps you to improve the safety of your apiary: with the help of the alerts you know about the attempted theft or hacking of your hive 澳洲幸运5 and take prompt action

Free 澳洲5正规出色开奖平台-幸运5结果号码查询 diary

Get a beekeeper diary absolutely for free: download the application and make all performed steps for each hives separately or the whole apiary!

Put reminders, create tasks for staff, keep records of consumables. The application allows you to create an unlimited number of apiaries, move hives between apiaries and gather statistics for all actions.

What beekeeper gets

Reduction of all 澳洲幸运5 risks - bee disease, loss of bee swarm
Planning and recording of 中国靠谱-澳洲幸运5正规开奖平台,开奖直播
Ability to upload all data to 澳洲幸运5 for further work with them
A simple and 澳洲幸运5 tool for weighing beehives
Instant alarm 澳洲幸运5 in case of any emergency
Control the 澳洲幸运5 of honey bees

How it 澳洲5历史分析开奖体彩结果

HIVE main block is installed on the beehive
HIVE transmits all collected information to the HUB via the LORA wireless network
HUB base station - transmits all collected information to the server via WI-FI or GSM channel

HUB base stations is installed on the apiary, and fixes the weather conditions and wireless collects information from all HIVE mane blocks installed in the hives via 澳洲幸运5 LORA network every 30 minutes.

1 time per hour HUB base station sends information to the server via the GSM channel or Wi-Fi. In case of alarm events, such as motion sensor 澳洲幸运5, HUB base stations initiate immediate connections.

HIVE main blocks are installed independently on 澳洲幸运5 hive. The design of HIVE main block allows installation on any type of beehive and in any position - from the bottom, side or top.

The equipment 澳洲幸运5 on the built-in battery for at least 2 years. Term of data storage in the system is not limited.

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